Change can be hard – transitions are easier

Areas of counselling I can help you with-

Problem drug or alcohol use.

Poly-drug use, using more than one substance


Co-dependency. This is when you are so focused on caring for others and their needs, you deny yourself. You are not able to say no to people. 

Relapse prevention work

Maintaining a drug-free/ alcohol-free lifestyle

Supporting those affected by someone’s elses drug or alcohol use.

The effects of alcohol or drug use on health and well being


Low self-esteem

Low self-worth

Low self-confidence

Stress such as relationships, unemployment, family, health, isolation and finances

Work related Stress

Negative beliefs and thinks patterns.

I support people who have just left rehab, or finishing an opiate replacement medication programme, and want to know themselves better without chemicals in their body, exploring emotions, their identity and building their authentic self.