Making the unmanageable – manageable

In today’s busy modern life there can be many stressors, whether at home, work, relationships, finances, health issues and loneliness that continually bombard us daily.  Are you using alcohol or a drug to cope, self-medicate, to keep going with this pace and feel stuck in alcohol or substance use?  We can explore ways to manage your stress, build your reserves of cope and explore any negative beliefs that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential without substances.

Have you been living your life functioning in society and at work, enjoying a lifestyle of substances, or alcohol use and now find yourself accidentally addicted, and unable to stop?  We can work together on interventions and solutions tailored to your needs. I have over 20 years experience and knowledge of working and training within the addictions field. Together we can look at ways to break the unhealthy habits that  keep you feeling trapped.

Would you like to manage and work through the painful emotions, trauma or bad memories that keep you turning to addictive behaviours,  that help you block out negative thoughts and emotions? I can support you in working through the parts of your past that are affecting you and gently help you let go of what is holding you back. Together we can identify triggers, whether conscious or unconscious, that lead to overeating the wrong foods  to cope.  We can  explore ways to introduce new coping skills that build your resilience and introduce relapse prevention strategies that work for you.
The difficulty with drugs or alcohol could be that once a week use causes you problems, guilt, arguments with loved ones. Even the everyday pattern of having a drink or a drug when you get home from work can be difficult to stop once you get a habit. It can be the weekend binge with friends that takes you a few days to recover from, which is affecting your relationships, self esteem, confidence or performance at work. I can support you.

Coming off the alcohol or drug is not the whole story.  Being free of substances and alcohol can be a very new and sometimes anxious time of adjustment. I assist individuals to understand their emotions, thoughts, becoming aware of their whole self, whether physically,  emotionally, and spiritually.  Exploring ways to start building healthy relationships with yourself and others, understanding what makes you tick, what are your joys in life, hobbies, interests, and learning how to manage life’s stressors with confidence.